…..”(Side note: Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man ismuch cooler than pretty much any comic book version of Iron Man.)” *source*….


Really? The author goes on to note that he was a ‘huge fan of the comics’ when he was growing up. Which comics was he reading then? Not the ones I have read. The ones where Tony often uses his brain to beat whichever villain he is up against. The ones where Tony sacrifices himself over and over for his friends. The ones where Tony took on Magneto, Mag-fucking-neto and kicked his ass. Where he goes up against Mandarin (you know, the Mandarin that actually is Mandarin and not some fake actor bullshit) and intellects the fuck out of him before kicking his ass too. The same comics where Tony beats Reed god damn Richards at six level chess as opposed to IM3 where he apparently doesn’t know that gun clips aren’t universal despite the fact that he is a weapons developer.

The comics where Tony deletes his damn brain to protect his family. Where he takes on positions like Director of Shield and Secretary of Defense not because he wants to but because he knows it’s the right thing to do?

I guess in the world this author inhabits, loyalty, friendship, patriotism and intelligence aren’t “cool” and that is just a crying shame and a sad, sad commentary on the state of today’s society..



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