Stark, you know that’s a one way trip. [x]

Stark, you know that’s a one way trip. [x]

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Iron Man (2008)

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Regardless if you believe Tony Stark and Steve Rogers are soul mates destined to meet across universes and time. Whether you are drawn to them by the magnetic aura they emanate as they orbit each other like a brilliant sun and steadfast moon. Or if you believe the intensity of their relationship inevitably ends in the intimacy of each other’s beds. This current run is devastating. 

These two men, irregardless of if you believe they are brothers or lovers, need each other. Each is the other’s other’s revelation. Their heart and soul. To see them at such odds, that all communication is so broken that one resorts to physically beating the other is heartbreaking.

Civil War was all encompassing. A multi-hued landscape vivid and distracting. Smeared into a palette of distracting colors by the sheer emotional scale. It was, and still is. emotionally vast and cuts deep. This run shimmers forth in a shadowed monochrome and Steve and Tony shine brilliant white in the center of it. While it plays on a no less operatic scale, it’s vision and scope feels more intimate. 

Civil War hurt my feelings and at times made me irrationally angry but Hickman in this brilliant run, has topped Civil War. He is tearing these two men apart in a far more intimate way than any war could.

Hickman has hurt my heart.

Well played, Sir. Well Played.


Another Meme I Won’t Finish: 1/20 Movies - The Avengers

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Iron Man I

From alpha test to launch.


Civil War Reading Order

(Only includes the books/issues I own and all listed should be preceded with the Civil War title)

Includes: Road To Civil War/Opening Shot/Main core Civil War book/Front Line/ Amazing Spider Man/Black Panther/Wolverine/New Avengers/Iron Man/Captain America/X-Men/Confession/Casualties of War/War Crimes/The Return/Death of Captain America/The Initiative.

**List is long and so is below the cut

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"I just finally know what I have to do."

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”It wasn’t worth it” (x)

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Tony had to convince Steve that the elevator was safe to ride again~
And he really loves that commander outfit 


Tony had to convince Steve that the elevator was safe to ride again~

And he really loves that commander outfit 

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It started with an idea.

It was the spark that started the fire—a legend that grew in the telling.

The great idea was expansion.

And it started with two men.

One was life and one was death.

Avengers vol 5 #1-3

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Gratuitous but necessary