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"Exclusive: Robert Downey Jr to Join Captain America 3" ….(Source: Variety)

Film to kick off the Civil War storyline from the comicbook miniseries”




That panel I was talking about where Tony dies in Steve’s arms after sacrificing his life to save the Avengers. (After being brainwashed/mind-controlled by Immortus into being temporarily evil)


That panel I was talking about where Tony dies in Steve’s arms after sacrificing his life to save the Avengers. (After being brainwashed/mind-controlled by Immortus into being temporarily evil)

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You know how people say MCU Tony doesn’t drink hardly at all and he ‘definitely isn’t an alcoholic like 616 Tony’?……..

Yeah, I don’t understand it either.

(Not to mention: Opening shot in the humvee/the saki on his plane/his birthday party/toasting Pepper/offering Loki a drink in Avengers)


Tonys not an alcoholic it’s just that the scenes that are shown with him drinking are either celebratory or a ” let’s get this shit over with” situation, what really goes on is that man works his ass off and has been through a lot in his life, bot to mention he’s fucking Iron Man, so if wants to drink let the man have a fucking drink.


Sorry. No. Tony Stark is a card carrying, falling down drunk, has almost died because of it, recovering alcoholic. He doesn’t drink because he’s ‘celebrating’ or because he wants to ‘get shit over with’, he drinks because he has a disease.

It hasn’t been acknowledged verbally in the MUC but actions speak so loudly. Yes, he’s ‘celebrating’ at his birthday in IM2 but there are so many other instances. Most notably the drink cabinet from the missile demonstration in Iron Man. He lugs a drinks cart to Afghanistan with him. Opens that cart and doesn’t even have to pour it because it is pre-poured for him. There is no stress in that situation. The demonstration is over. He is drinking because it is a habit. As you say, Tony has been through a lot in his life. He grew up an alcoholic son of an alcoholic father. The symbolism and symmetry is there in IM2. Howard (on screen) drinks at the exact same time as Tony does. Tony is predisposed to the disease.

You can dress it up any way you like but this man has a problem. He knows it. He acknowledges it and he deals with it. Saying he can drink because ‘he’s Iron Man’ does a disservice to the character and all he has gone through in his life. And to see it otherwise simply negates all the effort and pain and tears that Tony has put into his recovery. The fact that Tony made it out of that cave. The fact that he beat this disease. All the human idiosyncrasies, including being an alcoholic, this is what makes Tony the man he is. It isn’t the suit that is the hero. It is Tony Stark, the man inside the suit that is the hero.


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Venom vs iron man
By max kennedy

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"You gave us trinkets to kill a prince"

All the swag in the world.

Fifteen minutes later….a life forever changed.


The ability to hurt someone is usually in direct proportion to how much that person cares about you. ― Susan Mallery, Almost Perfect

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Everything is achievable through technology. 

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Robert Downey Jr’s Howard Stern interview (X)


Stern: So, you’re releasing The Judge. What’s the thing you’re working on next?’

Downey: I can’t tell you. I can tell you off air.’

Stern: ‘Geppetto?’

Downey: ‘That will be the one after that.’


We know it isn’t the third Holmes because he says in this interview that they are still working on a script. Downey has said repeatedly that neither he nor Marvel is interested in a fourth Iron Man. Susan Downey said in a recent interview that Robert will (paraphrasing) ‘Go and do a couple more Marvel things’. Marvel is notoriously tight lipped about projects and would contract it’s talent to be equally so.

So. What will it be? Cap 3? Doubtful. They will want to keep the inevitable tension that will result between Cap and Tony at the end of Ultron for Avengers 3. Dr. Strange? Unlikely.Highly unlikely. Which leaves Guardians. Established canon. New franchise. Most favored son (Tony/Downey) staring in three franchises. A win all round for Marvel.

Please for the love of all that’s comics, let the gods shine on us and give us Tony in his Guardian role. 


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